April 25, 2016


What is a visual arts organisation without a gallery?

The answer lies in our Vision: Infiltrating the Everyday through the Visual Arts

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art partners with non-arts organisations and this enables us to curate projects in response to often-unexpected places that are visited by people who do not attend traditional art galleries or museums.

It hasn’t always been so; Fermynwoods Contemporary Art was founded by artist Rosalind Stoddart and architect Patrick Duerden in 1998, as an art gallery exhibiting paintings, sculptures and prints for sale, in their home the Water Tower in Brigstock, Northamptonshire.

Since those early days, a trend has emerged for contemporary art to become part of the very fabric of urban and natural spaces in an attempt to engage with larger audiences in their local environment. Therefore, in October 2009 we took the strategic decision to move out of the Water Tower gallery and become a peripatetic organisation, focused on delivering artistic activity in public spaces across Northamptonshire.

The move coincided with the appointment of Yasmin Canvin as Director of the organisation and followed our decision to register as an educational charity. This step reflected the growing popularity of our educational programs and our stated Mission to commission innovative and meaningful ways for visual artists to engage with audiences, in public spaces across Northamptonshire and online.

A partnership with the Forestry Commission, funded by the Arts Council England, allows us to deliver artist-led projects in Fermyn Woods, Sudborough Green Lodge. The Lodge serves as a space for artist residency, research and education center. Our Education Officer, James Steventon, runs regular workshops for mainstream and alternative education provision, which fit with Key Stage curricula at all levels.

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    We are the only peripatetic visual arts organisation in Northamptonshire commissioning innovative and meaningful ways for inter-disciplinary artists to engage with audiences in public spaces across the county