April 25, 2016

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Kenny Hunter

Until 31 October 2018

Barnwell Country Park
Barnwell Road
Nr Oundle

Open Everyday

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Kenny Hunter employs anthropomorphism (using animal characteristics to represent human emotions) to explore cultural changes within our modern environment and their relationship to the social and artistic legacies of the past, often depicting the natural world at the point where it interacts with manmade structures.

The Swan has many modern symbolic associations, including Love, as pairs are known to bond for a lifetime. However, before the discovery of Australia, Europeans were convinced that all swans were white, and the phrase ‘Black Swan’ was a common expression as a statement of impossibility. The discovery of black swans in 1697 by a Dutch explorer invalidated this long held belief. In 2007, N.N. Taleb coined the phrase ‘Black Swan Theory’ to describe an unexpected event that makes a strong impact against the prevailing view of the time. Black Swan encourages us to consider how the world is changing around us, in often very surprising and unexpected ways.


Roddy Buchanan

The Hazel Tree
Greenhill Rise
NN18 0LR

The White Hart
16 High Street
NN17 1UX

Corby Irish Centre
Patrick Road
NN18 9NT

From 7 December 2017

Our From Scotland To Corby project has seen two Scottish artists travel to Corby to work with communities in the town, exploring cultural shifts that take place when people relocate.

Roddy Buchanan met Celtic and Rangers Supporters Clubs based in Corby. Once home to the largest Rangers supporters group outside of Glasgow, owing to the migration of Scottish workers to the former steel works in Corby, this unique football related identity is now increasingly ephemeral. Roddy created new work to document this phenomena exploring identities and ideas that change and persist.

Photographic installations have been installed in three Corby pubs currently frequented by fans, together with transcripts of interviews with key figures in this living piece of history, which threatens to disappear as new communities come and go.

To read the interviews please visit:

fermynwoods.org/from-scotland-to-corby and fermynwoods.org/from-corby-to-scotland


Stand + Stare

Fermynwoods is commissioning artists Stand + Stare to produce to an interactive artwork for older people in Corby. This work will respond to the needs of the community by engaging and inspiring elderly individuals, some of whom suffer from social isolation as well as physical disadvantages.

Fermynwoods has partnered with the Royal Voluntary Service to deliver this innovative and socially-engaged project. The Corby branch runs a Good Neighbours scheme in which befriending volunteers visit people in their homes across the Corby and Kettering areas. Their objective is to provide valuable company and friendship as well as making sure the older person is safe and well.

Befriending volunteers will be able to take a portable work of art into the homes of elderly people who would not normally be able to visit galleries or museums. The artwork will contain visual and audible material inspired by interviews with elderly residents as well as archival material. So that the outcome is accessible to residents with sensory impairments, it will be tactile as well as multi-sensory.

This artwork will be pledged indefinitely to RVS as a way to continually benefit the elderly community and to act as an interactive record of stories told by local people.

Stand + Stare will showcase their new artwork at a launch event Thursday 22 March from midday

Swan Gardens
School Place
NN18 0JY

Please RSVP if you wish to attend: info@fermynwoods.co.uk