April 25, 2016

Current Programme

Blood from Stone – Impressions of Life
Blood from Stone – Impressions of Life
Justin Carter

The Arches
Fineshade Wood
Nr Corby
NN17 3BB

December 2018 – March 2019


Celebrating Fermynwoods Contemporary Art’s 20th anniversary and the Forestry Commission’s 100th, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art is expanding their programme to Fineshade Wood, a natural habitat and ancient mixed broadleaf and conifer woodland, heritage site and leisure facility in Northamptonshire, 13 miles outside of Corby.

The Arches, a Fineshade Wood space renovated by the Forestry Commission, will serve as a project space and artist studio for The Forest Is the Museum, our programme of artists in residence and associated activity.

Now showing work by our second artist in residence, Justin Carter.


Work - Jenny Holt
Jenny Holt

We are pleased to announce that Fermynwoods and Animate Projects have commissioned Jenny Holt to WORK in Thrapston, exploring the impact of distribution warehouse workplaces and employment on rural landscapes and lives.

Led by Animate Projects, alongside partners Fermynwoods Contemporary Art; Junction Arts, Chesterfield; Vivid Projects, Birmingham; and QUAD, Derby; WORK is an ambitious and innovative two-year practice development programme that will support animation and moving image artists to develop, produce and exhibit films in collaborative contexts.

WORK will explore ideas and realities of what work means for the way we live today, engaging directly with the experiences of contemporary working lives.

The full line up of WORK artists is as follows:

QUAD, Derby
Exploring the working lives of home visit healthcare workers
Artist: Dryden Goodwin (London)

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Thrapston, Northamptonshire
Exploring the impact of distribution warehouse workplaces and employment on rural landscapes and lives
Artist: Jenny Holt (Hebden Bridge)

Junction Arts, Chesterfield
Exploring the impact of different experiences of work and unemployment on families across generations in post-industrial Bolsover
Artist: Esther Johnson (Sheffield)

Vivid Projects, Birmingham
Exploring contemporary workplace activism, workers’ rights, legislation and campaigning
Artist: Adam Lewis Jacob (Glasgow)


Memory Chest - Stand + Stare
Stand + Stare

From 22 March 2018 (by arrangement only)

Swan Gardens, School Place, Corby, Northants, NN18 0JY

A portable, digital, tactile work of art which reflects the experience of the elderly community and to act as an interactive record of stories told by local people.

Following nine months of visiting Heritage Centres, archives and sites of assisted living and extra care for our Living Legacy project, artist collective Stand + Stare have produced a beautifully crafted wheeled cabinet containing drawers relating to different periods in residents’ living memories. When the drawers are removed and placed on top, they trigger a concealed speaker which plays clips from pre-recorded interviews with senior residents. The drawers themselves contain photos from the Corby Collection Room, along with found objects and replicas relating to Corby’s Scottish heritage, its history as a growing industrial town and among other topics its future.

The artwork has been pledged indefinitely to the residents of Swan Gardens, Corby as a way to continually benefit the elderly community and to act as an interactive record of stories told by local people.


From Scotland to Corby - Roddy Buchanan
Roddy Buchanan

From 7 December 2017
The Hazel Tree, Greenhill Rise, Corby, NN18 0LR
The White Hart, 16 High Street, Corby, NN17 1UX
Corby Irish Centre, Patrick Road, Corby, NN18 9NT

Scottish artist Roddy Buchanan travelled to Corby meeting Celtic and Rangers Supporters Clubs based in the town, exploring cultural shifts that take place when people relocate.

Once home to the largest Rangers supporters group outside of Glasgow, owing to the migration of Scottish workers to the former steel works in Corby, this unique football related identity is now increasingly ephemeral. Roddy created new work to document this phenomena exploring identities and ideas that change and persist.

Photographic installations have been installed in three Corby pubs currently frequented by fans, together with transcripts of interviews with key figures in this living piece of history, which threatens to disappear as new communities come and go.

To read the interviews please visit fermynwoods.org/from-scotland-to-corby and fermynwoods.org/from-corby-to-scotland