Free Exchange 2017 Compilation

Looking back on our most recent Free Exchange talks, we present the Free Exchange 2017 Compilation of edited highlights. Part of our popular and long running series of free to attend talks in the community, led by artists in conversation with non-arts experts, the 2017 programme covered Astrophysics, The Brain, Football, and Memory.

Art + Wellbeing

Catch up on our Art + Wellbeing Free Exchange discussion, with artist Filippos Tsitsopoulos and London Arts in Health Forum Director, Damian Hebron, discussing the growing interest in how the arts can improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities, and how and why artists use their own mental health as a conduit in their practice.

Art, Engineering + The Environment

Catch up on our Art, Engineering + The Environment Free Exchange discussion, with artist Tim Simmons and Simon Dowson, Managing Director of Delta Motorsport, exploring how engineering is affecting our environment, the inherent dilemmas in engineering innovation, and the challenges that creates for our climate.