Art, Engineering + The Environment

Catch up on our Art, Engineering + The Environment Free Exchange discussion, with artist Tim Simmons and Simon Dowson, Managing Director of Delta Motorsport, exploring how engineering is affecting our environment, the inherent dilemmas in engineering innovation, and the challenges that creates for our climate.

Tim Simmons is an artist who uses photography and film to explore themes of time, motion and place. He wants to encourage a different way of looking at and thinking about landscape, and the way in which we view and make sense of the world. Tim has been artist in residence with Delta Motorsport as part of our Art Work Placement programme.

Simon Dowson is Managing Director of Delta Motorsport, a high performance engineering company and producer of advanced electric vehicles, based at Silverstone Circuit. Delta Motorsport provide engineering solutions for automotive vehicle manufacturers, motorsport teams and the marine sector, and are concerned with energy efficiency, electrification and how that story is told.

This event was part of our Outdoor Institute of Art, an alternative art school conceived by Yasmin Canvin, with a curriculum consisting of discussions, skills and knowledge sharing events between artists, experts in relevant fields, the arts sector and members of the public.