Art + Landscape

Catch up on our Art + Landscape Free Exchange discussion, exploring the relationship between materials and the landscape from which they are extracted.

Originally taking place and broadcast from a East Carlton Countryside Park, the discussion features artist Onya McCausland and Geologist Sue Barker.

Onya McCausland is an artist whose Turning Landscape Into Colour project investigates the origins of earth pigments found across the UK and considers their significance as contemporary cultural materials.

Onya explores the location, mapping and extracting of ochres from the landscape, and processing, manufacturing and naming individual sources of colour as vehicles for re-integrating people’s experience of places and establishing new connections between landscape and painting.

Sue Barker is a member of Northamptonshire Natural History Society‘s Geological Section, giving regular talks to members and co-leading a ‘Geology for Beginners’ course for the University of the Third Age. After studying Chemistry and Geology with Geochemistry and Geophysics, Sue has taught all three of the sciences in both state and private schools.

East Carlton Park is situated on the northern ridge of Northamptonshire, overlooking the Welland Valley. After discovering the rich seam of iron ore in the area, Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd established the steel works in Corby during the 1930’s, acquiring the grounds and hall at East Carlton to house workers. The grounds were later acquired by Corby Borough Council and have become a country park open to the public.

Art + Landscape is a continuation of the Outdoor Institute of Art, a two-year programme conceived by Yasmin Canvin and run by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. The Outdoor Institute is an alternative art school with discussions, skills and knowledge sharing events between artists, experts in relevant fields, the arts sector and members of the public.