Baby Forest

Online space Baby Forest have unlocked Abigail Lane and Lala Meredith-Vula‘s The Forest Is The Museum to bring an online taster of their installation at Fineshade Wood.

The Forest Is The Museum was the culmination of the artists residency at Fineshade Wood, an installation and new body of work that recontextualises lost property collected in the forest. Launching at The Arches in January 2020, the exhibition ended prematurely as facilities in Fineshade Wood temporarily closed due to COVID-19 Government guidance.

Abigail Lane describes the objects hanging behind closed doors as “being part of a ‘lost’ exhibition” and “a good epilogue” for the project.

Baby Forest present an online taster of what remains suspended in space and time:

Image: The Forest Is The Museum, 88, Platinum prints on Hajnemuhle Platinum Rag, with embossed detail. Printed paper size 62 x 52 cm. Abigail Lane and Lala Meredith-Vula, 2019 in collaboration with Loughborough University’s Studio of Light.