Breathing in Art – Marie-Chantal Hamrock

Breathing In Art is a new series by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art to support and promote mask wearing whilst celebrating and featuring selected artists. Whilst we’re amid a global pandemic and wearing masks to protect ourselves and others is part of everyday life, we’re inviting artists to design a range of masks that will be available to the public.

The next in this series comes from Marie-Chantal Hamrock. Marie is an Irish artist currently based in Glasgow who uses facts from her life to create surreal works that exist in the hazy space between fiction and reality. Marie also recently created a new film based work There is Something in the Ground, There is Something in the Sky, as part of our Triple Harvest series of remixed archival films, employing fiction as method to mine history and create an alternate future from symbolic double meanings.

Noxious Vapours - Marie Chantal Hamrock

Marie’s Noxious Vapours design is an image inspired by a line from Walt Whitman’s Poem Of Walt Whitman, An American; later entitled Song Of Myself.

“The atmosphere is not a perfume … it has no taste of the distillation … it is odourless”

To order this mask design for just £20 including P&P click on the product image below to order from our online store.

We are working with a sustainable supplier who make everything in the UK through ethical employment practices, with eco-friendly inks, FSC certified materials and water-free manufacturing. The masks are made to order, and any fabric waste is given free to creatives to repurpose instead of sending to landfill.

Look out for more Breathing in Art designs in the coming weeks.