April 25, 2016

In Business


5 artists x 5 days x 5 businesses

Sophie Herxheimer, Rebecca Lee, Virginie Litzler, Tim Simmons, Simon Woolham

Delivered in partnership with Morag Ballantyne and Kirstin Irving

Art Work Placement is an innovative collaboration between art and business that will explore how integrating art into daily working life can not only enrich the workplace, but can effect change within it. As part of our mission to “infiltrate the everyday”, we are bringing together professional artists and local businesses to enable individual staff to develop creative solutions to business challenges and identify new ways of thinking about their company processes, systems and culture.

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Fermynwoods Contemporary Art is an Educational Charity and we have significant expertise in delivering innovative mainstream and alternative education programmes for diverse communities across Northamptonshire.

Fermynwoods is also the only visual arts organisation in the county that commissions innovative and meaningful ways for artists to engage with audiences in public spaces across Northamptonshire.

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In 2018 Fermynwoods will celebrate our 20th Anniversary and we are launching a new Fermynwoods Friends programme, please click here for details.

We welcome approaches from individuals wishing to volunteers with us, in a wide range of roles, from admin to helping to deliver our outdoor events, to being a Trustee, please click here for details.

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