Can You Hear Me?

There is still time to visit our current online exhibition, Can You Hear Me? over on our projects site, which presents artwork that reflect the current emotional climate in UK and American politics, the diminishing public trust in factual evidence and the shifting perceptions of the establishment.

Anna Brownsted’s Diplomat is a series of short meditative films capturing unpredictable ‘remixes’ of a warped long-playing record. What initially seems to be a single film is actually 100 short films – one for each of JFK’s first 100 days in office – beginning with a randomly selected short.

In Referendum, Jessica Harby has turned over her citizenship decision to the public by inviting you to vote. The artwork reduces the practical and legal arguments for citizenship to a flood of visuals concerning the country of her birth and the country she now calls home. Unlike other referenda, this work still allows you to change your mind and vote again.

Can You Hear Me?

Anna Brownsted & Jessica Harby

Until 31 December 2017