Chimera Plantarium – Plant Propaganda 2

Oakley Road
Corby, NN17

From 16 October to 28 October 2022

We’re pleased to present the next outcome from Chiara Dellerba‘s Chimera Plantarium project, investigating urban spontaneous plants to map, rethink and redesign public places from the perspective of “weeds”.

This design emerges from the previous billboard image earlier this year, with an image that looks to plants, children and the future. Drawing on designs from a series of workshops with children at Exeter – A Learning Community Academy, in Corby, where human-plant hybrid species were created as the children drew blind portraits of one another on leaf shaped backgrounds. These evolved into imaginative masks made from paper shapes of human and plant characteristics.

Read more about other Chimera Plantarium activity here.

The Chimera Plantarium is generously funded by Northamptonshire Community Foundation’s Leslie Church Memorial Fund. Commissioned as part of Xylophobia, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art’s new two-year programme funded by Arts Council England. Named from the fear of wooden objects or forests, Xylophobia addresses issues of place and belonging which go to the heart of community feelings of exclusion from both the art world and woodland spaces.

Chiara Dellerba's first workshop, rethinking and redesigning public places from the perspective of weeds.