Chimera Plantarium Publication

Pages from The Chimera Plantarium Publication

We are pleased to present the first outcome of Chiara Dellerba‘s The Chimera Plantarium project. A beautifully produced publication made in collaboration with Year 6 pupils at Exeter – A Learning Community Academy, Corby. The publication takes the form of a pressed plant herbarium, printed in environmentally friendly Risograph, featuring unique teal and fluorescent pink colours made with Dizzy Ink especially for this project, plus a screenprinted wooden case.

Inside are 11 cards of plants and their properties found in and around the school grounds, a booklet with an explanation of the project and plant communities, plus Letters to humans (from plants) – a collection of writings produced by the children imagining a world ruled by weeds. An invitation to create a space for sharing, listening and learning from the more than human worlds.

Participants will all receive their own copies. In addition to copies for the school and project partners, we are also making the limited edition publication available to the public, with funds raised contributing to future educational activity.

Order now for only £20 including P&P here.

The Chimera Plantarium is generously funded by Northamptonshire Community Foundation’s Leslie Church Memorial Fund. Commissioned as part of Xylophobia, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art’s new two-year programme funded by Arts Council England. Named from the fear of wooden objects or forests, Xylophobia addresses issues of place and belonging which go to the heart of community feelings of exclusion from both the art world and woodland space

Chiara Dellerba's first workshop, rethinking and redesigning public places from the perspective of weeds.