Electric Pedals

Irchester Country Park
Gipsy Lane, Irchester
NN29 7DL

17 May 2024
8pm onwards – screening at sunset approx.8.30pms

As issues of climate change become ever more urgent to address, join us at Irchester Country Park, Northamptonshire, for an evening of family activity and contribute your families climate change pledge – screened via an electric pedalled cinema.

The evening of entertainment based out in the natural environment will be centred around a cinema powered exclusively by bicycles which attendees will need to pedal to power.

Artist Chiara Dellerba has worked with imagery produced by children across Northamptonshire schools to produce a Climate Change Toolkit – which will be unveiled on the evening – alongside an array of creative activities taking place that will provoke conversations around the waste we produce and the human relationship to the planet.

Funded by Northamptonshire Community Foundation’s Creative Climate Action Fund.