Fermynwoods Bulletin: Issue 17

We’re pleased to present the digital version of our 2023 bulletin, Issue 17 in the series, featuring the latest activity in our Xylophobia programme.

Ama Dogbe and David John Scarborough, Spencer Graham, Zhengyang and Zhengzhou Huang, Felix Loftus and Greg Orrom Swan present new work in Xylophobia: Online – an exhibition of digitally based work which takes its name from the fear of wooden objects, forests, or wooded areas.

Ways of knowing is a new exhibition at Brixworth Country Park, exploring how and where we as individuals fit in the natural world, making connections between the environment and our physical bodies. Featuring work by Yukio Fujimoto (Japan), Heywood & Condie (UK), Krzysztof Maniak (Poland), Poppy Nash (UK), Alyson Shotz (USA), and Sarah Taylor Silverwood (UK); and Counterpoint, a playlist of sound work by Professor Chill (UK), Atilio Doreste (Canary Islands), Daniel Garcia (UK), Yagi Lyota (Japan), Matti Palonen (Canada), Russick Smith (USA), Tosca Teran (Canada), and Zimoun (Switzerland)

Boon & Baum and Laura Cooper join us as artists in residence. Four new and exciting Hybrid Workshops, The Fermynwoods Podcast and our latest Education offer.

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