Fermynwoods Podcast 14 – Rebecca Lee

Musician and artist Rebecca Lee returns with a new sound work and discussion in the last podcast of our 2021 season. This is the second work Rebecca has made in response to and collaboration with the students from The CE Academy as part of our Alternative Provision programme.

The CE Academy provides alternative education for young people who are permanently excluded from school, dual registered and for school age mothers. They respond to the educational needs of pupils who would otherwise be attending mainstream/special schools.

Last year, Rebecca’s You Can Hear The Wind presented student recordings made during workshops in the previous school year in as pure a form as possible whilst still resulting in a cohesive listening experience. For this new work, Dream Job, she has approached the recordings of her 2021 Zoom workshops the same way she approaches the music she makes as Bredbeddle – elevating the experience of making to art.

She discusses these different approaches and how the medium might still be the message, in a discussion with Assistant Director Jessica Harby later in the episode.

Rebecca invites you to participate and make your own work from the sounds recorded in these workshops. For links to free looping software and instructions from Rebecca, click here.

Click to download all sound samples as a ZIP file.

A transcript of this episode is available here.

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All Images – Rebecca Lee working with students from The CE Academy, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, 2021

Rebecca Lee is a musician, composer, and socially engaged sound artist producing performances, audio works, projects, scores and publications. Her work connects to themes of place, narrative and is more often than not made in some form of collaboration. She uses improvisation, scores, and DIY approaches and often combines musical materials, forms, or skills. Rebeccas work moved between site-specific commissions, off-site or project-based work, traditional arts venues, and DIY music spaces. Rebecca performs as Bredbeddle, makes improvised music with Marie Thompson, and is part of Primary Music group.

Rebecca also co-leads Youth Landscapers Collective, a youth arts project with the National Forest and Timber Festival, runs Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, a community talk series at Primary, and teaches viola de gamba at the University of Nottingham. You can hear more of her work at her SoundCloud or purchase her music at her Bandcamp site.

The CE Academy provides alternative education for young people who are permanently excluded from school, dual registered and for school age mothers.

Read the essay on Rebecca’s work by David M Bell quote in this episode here.

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