Fermynwoods Podcast 25 – Pale Blue Dot Collective

The first episode of our Love + Light season of the Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Podcast presents Of Immeasurable Consequence by Pale Blue Dot Collective.

Pale Blue Dot Collective (artists Louise Beer and John Hooper) spent four months in residence with Fermynwoods to create Of Immeasurable Consequence – originally an immersive photographic and sound based installation installed in All Saint Church, Aldwincle, from 24th March to 7th April 2024.

In this version of Of Immeasurable Consequence, which has been adapted to include parts of recorded conversation, Pale Blue Dot Collective examine our place within the universe, framing the impact of the climate emergency through the eyes of evolution and the immense time period it has taken for each form of life to arrive at this point.

This episode has been funded by Northamptonshire Community Foundation’s Creative Climate Action Fund

A short transcript of the episode is available here.

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The accompanying visual is a video response to the episode, by artist Sapphire Goss.

Pale Blue Dot Collective (artists Louise Beer and John Hooper) use installation, film, photography and sound to examine our place within the universe, creating a space for discussion around the damage we are collectively participating in and its universal impact. Louise is an artist and curator, born in Aotearoa New Zealand. She now works between London, Margate and Aotearoa, using installation, moving image, photography and sound to explore humanity’s evolving understanding of Earth’s environments and the cosmos. John is a photographer, film maker, installation and sound artist from the North of England and now works between London and Margate, UK. John is co-director of Pale Blue Dot Collective, Print Science and is a regular contributor to super/collider.

Sapphire Goss is a multimedia artist who uses obsolete technologies to explore experimental materiality and hybrid collaborative forms to make work that grows, decays and lives beyond the screen. Sapphire responds to each podcast episode with a new video.

Our curators for the Love + Light season of the Fermynwoods Podcast are Marie-Chantal Hamrock and Astrid Björklund. Marie and Astrid have previously collaborated as SUBTERRA for Aerial Community Radio in Aberdeen, which “navigates speculative narratives of the chthonic (of relating to or inhabiting the underworld) through text, poetry, soundscapes and music.”