Fermynwoods Podcast 9 – Marie-Chantal Hamrock

Artist Marie-Chantal Hamrock presents her new audio work The Iron, The Pitchfork & The Sow in this latest episode of the Fermynwoods Podcast. Building on her film There is Something in the Ground, There is Something in the Sky from our online Triple Harvest exhibition, Marie combines real and embellished Northamptonshire histories in this tale of ritual.

Thank you to Corby Borough Council Archives and artist Amanda Loomes for sharing material included in this work.

A transcript of this episode is available here.

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Marie-Chantal Hamrock is a BA Hons Contemporary Art Practice Graduate from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen (2020). The symbol of the speculum is deeply embedded in her work. The word emanates from Latin meaning mirror and to look. A speculum is both a gynaecological instrument and a mirror. Within her practice it has served as a navigational instrument, a speculative lens through which to observe themes such as sexuality, the esoteric and post-humanism. Marie creates surreal worlds and alternate universes with complex narratives that are neither linear nor continuous. They exist in the nebulous space between fact and fiction.