Fermynwoods Podcast Episode 2 – Amy Lay-Pettifer

Episode two of the Fermynwoods Podcast is an audio essay by writer and curator Amy Lay-Pettifer addressing our current state of collective pause. The audio work encapsulates her experience of curating Pleasure Garden, an exhibition meant to open early May 2020 at Deene Park but that we now expect will take place in 2021, part of the similarly rescheduled Northamptonshire Surprise Year of Arts & Culture.

The episode includes discussion with and contributions by Pleasure Garden artists Alice Channer and Bethan Lloyd Worthington, as well as interjections by artist Harriet Plewis.

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A transcript of this podcast is available here.

1 – The Predator, Alice Channer, 2020
2 – The Predator, Alice Channer, 2020
3 – Showcave, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, 2020 (image credit ICA Milano)
4 – She will be fine on there. Forever., Bethan Lloyd Worthington, 2017 (image credit ICA Milano)
5 – Pickling the seeds of spring, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, 2018 (image credit Plastiques Photography)
6 – Deene Park, Brudenell Estates, 2020


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