Fermynwoods Podcast Episode 6 – Tom Baskeyfield

Episode 6 of our podcast features a discussion between artist Tom Baskeyfield and writer Josh Allen. Tom’s works on paper, depicting local stones floating on a black plane, are currently on display in our In Steps of Sundew exhibition. As you’ll hear in this discussion, stone is both emblem and starting point for much larger issues and ideas. We begin with a pebble in the hand of a rambler and travel through issues of mindfulness, theology, human vs geological time, nationalism, and home.

Tom Baskeyfield is a multidisciplinary artist exploring interests in place, ecology, matter, and spirit. He holds an MA in Art and Environment from Falmouth University. Since 2015 he has been working on Shaped by Stone with photographer Mario Popham, an Arts Council funded project looking at place through the lens of stone. He lives and works in Somerset.

Josh Allen is a writer and Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Trustee. He lives in Northamptonshire.

A transcript of this discussion is available here.

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Contemplating the Birth of a Field
Contemplating the Birth of a Field, Tom Baskeyfield, 2011