Free Exchange 2017 Compilation

Looking back on our most recent Free Exchange talks, we present the Free Exchange 2017 Compilation of edited highlights.

Part of our popular and long running series of free to attend talks in the community, led by artists in conversation with non-arts experts, the 2017 programme covered Astrophysics, The Brain, Football, and Memory. The four themes selected in a poll by previous attendees.

The video below and has been divided into sections of particular interest, with links to specific highlights. Full videos of these talks are available to watch on our YouTube channel.

00:00:01 Hand-drawn starmaps and natural philosophy
00:04:25 Billy Kluver, Keith Brown, beautiful topology, collaboration
00:09:05 Relational physics and non-hipster beer brewing
00:13:14 Transit of Venus, photographic plates, canals on Mars
00:17:55 What do artists need notebooks for?

00:20:20 Autism, a condition of difference
00:24:09 Social worlds online
00:29:10 Sequence, ambiguity, grappling with questionnaires
00:32:53 Organisations collaborating with autistic people
00:35:26 Art language and dyslexic artists
00:37:16 Recruitment and the benefits of Aspergers

00:38:40 A.C. Milan, sincere relationships in photography
00:42:42 Principles of fandom
00:46:00 Collective vs. solo experience
00:49:00 24-hour 5-a-side
00:51:14 Class, academia, social mobility
00:54:04 Starving artists & starving athletes

00:57:45 Images, sound & objects in timeslips
00:59:12 Memory jolting
01:01:28 Tangible tech for Alzheimers sufferers
01:03:26 The powerful storyteller & re-discovering hobbies
01:05:14 Losing a language to dementia
01:07:52 Photos for evoking memory and emotion
01:10:58 Books for recording memories

Watch the Free Exchange 2016 Compilation compilation here.