From Scotland to Corby

Our From Scotland To Corby project has seen two Scottish artists travel to Corby to work with communities in the town, exploring cultural shifts that take place when people relocate.

Roddy Buchanan met Celtic and Rangers fans based in Corby. Once home to the largest Rangers supporters group outside of Glasgow, owing to the migration of Scottish workers to the former steel works in Corby, this unique football related identity is now increasingly ephemeral. Roddy created new work to document this phenomena exploring identities and ideas that change and persist.

Photographic installations have been installed in three Corby pubs currently frequented by fans, together with transcripts of interviews with key figures in this living piece of history, which threatens to disappear as new communities come and go.

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The Hazel Tree
Greenhill Rise
NN18 0LR

The White Hart
16 High Street
NN17 1UX

Corby Irish Centre
Patrick Road
NN18 9NT