April 25, 2016


Fermynwoods has built a solid foundation around revenue generating income streams and regular funding applications to key funders, including Arts Council England and Northamptonshire County Council, based around specific programmes (Fermynwoods is not in receipt of any public core funding). Fermynwoods has also worked hard to develop significant partnerships that support all aspects of the organisation and its activity.

Regular Funders:

Arts Council England (ACE) has invested in Fermynwoods through a range of funding schemes, most recently through Grants for the Arts and Catalyst: Evolve. As an arts development agency, ACE has also supported Fermynwoods through marketing and audience development initiatives, through professional development, training and advice for staff.

Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) has consistently invested in Fermynwoods through a range of grants. NCC has also supported the organisation through providing locations for exhibitions and other artistic activity, and through staff resources in caring for outdoor installations.

Northamptonshire Community Foundation has match-funded many of Fermynwoods’ community based projects, including Sounding Out (an orchestral performance with young people with disabilities) and The Free Exchange on Tour (discussions with local specialist interest groups).

The Mighty Creatives (TMC) is the Arts Council’s Bridge organisation for children and young people, working across the East Midlands. We have collaborated with TMC to deliver projects that support young people to increase their involvement with contemporary art and to develop their leadership and other skills in the arts, including Arts Awards.

Green Energy is the only 100% green gas and supplier in the UK and they have supported Fermynwoods through subsidising our electricity at Sudborough Green Lodge and through donations towards a wide range of educational projects, including our Creative Apprentice, the Common Purpose Conference and our Space Programme.

VSH Law is a Northamptonshire based law firm and they have supported Fermynwoods since its establishment as an educational charity, though the provision of free legal advice, Board membership, free and significantly reduced office rent, as well as an on going annual donation.

DC James is a Northamptonshire based Charitable Trust, established by the late Douglas Compton James, and makes annual donations towards Fermynwoods’ educational programmes for young people across the County.