April 25, 2016


In Brief

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art is an educational charity that supports life through art by commissioning innovative and meaningful ways for artists to engage with audiences, in public spaces across Northamptonshire and online.

In Detail

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art commissions artistic dialogue between artists and audiences, people and place.

We work innovatively and collaboratively to fuse urban culture with the rural landscape and bring rural perspectives into the urban environment.

We curate temporary interventions reflecting the performative quality of inter-disciplinary art, in real and virtual spaces across Northamptonshire.

We infiltrate and subvert the everyday, to find points of resonance and contrast, and create contemplative spaces for audiences.

As an educational charity, learning is intrinsic to all our work and we explore areas of convergence and divergence between the visual arts and other professional sectors, to challenge thinking and develop inter-disciplinary and site responsive artistic practice.

Our Aims

1. To find innovative, collaborative and meaningful ways for visual and interdisciplinary artists to reach and engage with non-traditional arts audiences, including rural and disadvantaged communities

2. To enable artists and audiences to explore how they relate to and connect with their social and natural environments by making links between urban culture and the rural landscape

3. To enable audiences to explore commonality and difference through artistic experiences and new perspectives

4. To challenge and educate audiences to develop their confidence and skills, to develop well-being, to reach their potential and find their place in the world through creativity

5. To challenge and support artists to develop visual, interdisciplinary and site responsive artistic practice

Our Charitable Objectives

1. To promote, assist and improve the arts for the public benefit

2. To encourage and advance the education of the public through the provision of educational opportunities relating to the arts and environment and in particular, but not exclusively, the visual arts and climate change