Open 28 exhibition

8 students from The CE Academy, and 1 student from Woodford C of E Primary school have been selected for the Young People Category in the Open 28 exhibtion at the Old Library Gallery, Leicester, with art work created during workshops with Fermynwoods.

One student won the Soft Touch Arts Prize at with a pin hole photograph made with an energy drinks can. Another sold their drawing to a member of the public.

Judges commented

“Art is an important part of being human; we viewed more than 300 examples of artwork produced by young people which successfully brought together many of the aspects of what that actually means.

The final selection introduces the audience to an exciting combination of individual talent, thoughtful challenge, compassion, passion and an endearing innocent portrayal of the world as seen through the eyes of young people between the ages of five to nineteen.”

The exhibition runs from 5 July until 26 August 2017.

Leicester Open 28 exhibition
Old Library Gallery
Leicester Adult Education College
Belvoir Street

Open 28 exhibition