Podcast Playlist – 01 Memories Of Water

We are growing our latest podcast series as an experimental space for the display and creation of contemporary art which is fully accessible from people’s homes. Featuring artist talks, discussions and original commissioned sound art, to complement our public facing programme. In addition to the recorded episodes and Sapphire Goss‘ accompanying videos, we’re pleased to announce a new series of playlists in response to previous Fermynwoods Podcast episodes.

The first chapter in this series responds to Episode 15 – Samm Anga, which featured a new sound work where Samm takes a solitary journey into his own psyche and heritage, ruminating on his own fear of nature: water.

This playlist, Memories of Water, was put together by Astrid Björklund, one half of our podcast guest curators SUBTERRA.


In the forest’s heart
deep within the water
the old gods whisper
and mermaids sing.


Interlocked Cycles for Sine Waves – Maria w Horn (9:35)
Seaweed Hairs on the Rockbeds – Miel (2:39)
Submerged Dragon – Hiro Kone (2:28)
Between water and wind – Colin Stetson (6:24)
Ocean / Flute / Bell – Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Ariel Kalma (4:27)
Til A Mermaid Drags You Under – Silver Ladders (10:27)
Submerged – Jana Winderen (6:35)
A Floating Procession – Xela (4:46)
Old God – Conor C. Ellis (2:44)
Waw – Astrid Sonne (5:00)
As A Bird Or Branch – Colin Stetson (4:14)