Podcast Playlist – 02 Avian Archives

The Fermynwoods Podcast is an experimental space for the display and creation of contemporary art which is fully accessible from people’s homes. Featuring artist talks, discussions and original commissioned sound art, to complement our public facing programme. The podcast also features specially commissioned videos by Sapphire Goss‘ to accompany and in response to each recorded episode.

Next in our new series of playlists emerging from thoughts, ideas and inspirations from Fermynwoods Podcast episodes is Avian Archives, responding to Episode 16 – Maya Livio, which featured the haunting and lyrical sonic essay Salvaging Birds, containing a chorus of both human and non-human voices through the use of AI to speculatively queer birdsong datasets.

This playlist was curated by Astrid Björklund, one half of our podcast guest curators SUBTERRA.


Feathered creatures
lies in quiet repose;
a trove of small woes
and echoes of salvaged songs.


Tori No Uta – Aska Matsumiya (4:46)
A Synthetic Setting – Kane Ikin (4:52)
Birds of Myrrh – Faten Kanaan (3:43)
Ghost Colored – Lovesliescrushing (4:58)
Flight 1 – Double Geography (7:09)
Doubled Flutes – Sarah Davachi (2:17)
Bird Element – Etelin (3:09)
Nightjar – Cosmo Sheldrake (2:29)
A Wren in the Cathedral – Sarah Angliss (3:58)
Wild Beast Research – Christina Vantzou (1:39)
Bird Position – Nocturnal Emissions (2:27)
The Chatter Amongst The Land – A Year in the Country (4:19)
The Birds Are Sweetly Singing – Current 93 (3:45)
Virtually Isolated – Mohsen Sokard (3:44)
Birdsong – Poemme (5:15)
A Modular Body – Astrid Sonne (4:32)
where the birds have gone – Cuttlephone (0:45)