Podcast Playlist – 04 Two For Joy

Two for Joy is the next in our playlist series emerging from the thoughts, ideas and inspirations from Fermynwoods Podcast episodes – specifically Episode 18, with artists Danny Treacy and Johannes Zits. With both artists work speaking to and of the trees, their conversation revealed how their works coalesce and converge, meeting at the uniting theme of joy.

This playlist was curated by Astrid Björklund, one half of our podcast guest curators SUBTERRA.


Amongst the trees and fragile things,
they find that in their hearts
joy still sings.


Bodies Of Water – Cosmo Sheldrake (4:30)
Umi No Ue Kara – Yasuaki Shimizu (8:18)
The Happy Sea – Colleen (3:00)
Ocean Out Of Wood – Svarte Greiner (3:44)
Trees Speak – Trees Speak (2:39)
Baltic Birch -Mary Lattimore (9:32)
Forest Trails – Windy & Carl (5:46)
Fire Walk -Nocturnal Emissions (2:58)
Yorokobi (Happiness) -Fumio Miyashita (7:36)
Tree Memories – Elve (9:08)
Distant Water – Assembler (5:06)
Sokokara – Mariah (5:19)
Deepest Forest – Veronica Howland (2:58)

The Fermynwoods Podcast is an experimental space for the display and creation of contemporary art which is fully accessible from people’s homes. Featuring artist talks, discussions and original commissioned sound art, to complement our public facing programme. The podcast also features specially commissioned videos by Sapphire Goss‘ to accompany and in response to each recorded episode, plus curated playlists by Astrid Björklund.