Podcast Playlist – 05 Silenced Observation

Silenced Observation is next in our series of playlists emerging from the thoughts, ideas and inspirations from Fermynwoods Podcast episodes. This time responding to Episode 19, where Maja Zećo becomes the Silencer, “the other”. At once both a playful intervention and an unexpected encounter, the work has connotations of protective clothing and social distancing that speak to larger fears of walking through woodland spaces.

This playlist was curated by Astrid Björklund, one half of our podcast guest curators SUBTERRA.


In a restless city
the lone figure wanders,
an isolated other
observing in silence.


Silencer – Linn Elisabet (07:19)
walker – Ryuichi Sakamoto (04:20)
Feeback TT – Andrew Pekler (02:59)
Becoming Warm – Ulla Straus (06:24)
Meetings with Remarkable Entities – Lucy (03:26)
Foreign Object – Monolake (05:19)
I Thought I Heard You Call – Lawrence English (05:20)
It’s Cosy Inside – Woo (04:59)
Different Observers – Pablo’s Eye (05:59)
Figure – Sary Moussa (08:44)
Silence – Oxygeno (04:32)

The Fermynwoods Podcast is an experimental space for the display and creation of contemporary art which is fully accessible from people’s homes. Featuring artist talks, discussions and original commissioned sound art, to complement our public facing programme. The podcast also features specially commissioned videos by Sapphire Goss‘ to accompany and in response to each recorded episode, plus curated playlists by Astrid Björklund.