Podcast Playlist – 09 Wild is the Wind

Wild is the Wind is the ninth chapter in our series of playlists emerging from the thoughts, ideas and inspirations from the Fermynwoods Podcast. This episode is a response to Episode 23 with Saoirse Horne which features “O’ God of Weather” – a work combining elements of ambient music, folk song and field recording, which together paint a vivid and imaginative world, rooted in messages of phantasm and fabrication.

This playlist was curated by Astrid Björklund, one half of our podcast guest curators SUBTERRA.


Watching in awe as the storm
whistles and sighs –
I gently proclaim my love
to thee.
We dance through the rain
and let our voices
be carried away,
for we are like creatures
of the wind.


Symphony of Wind – Valentina Goncharova (07:11)
Wind-Bitten – Aindulmedir (05:01)
Fog Reed – Thistle (05:17)
Mists and Rains – Ruth White (02:10)
For Wind Poetry I – Yolabmi (03:44)
Do Geese See God – Tyson Swindell (09:39)
Wild Is The Wind – Nina Simone (06:56)
Deep Sleep in the Rain 5 – Reina Jayne Juno (02:46)
The Optimist – Troth (07:28)
Rain on Ancient Quays – Pauline Anna Strom (07:23)
Tears on the Rain – Omni Cohen (05:32)
Rest Now – Svein Richard Mathisen, John Derek Bishop (03:31)

The Fermynwoods Podcast is an experimental space for the display and creation of contemporary art which is fully accessible from people’s homes. Featuring artist talks, discussions and original commissioned sound art, to complement our public facing programme. The podcast also features specially commissioned videos by Sapphire Goss‘ to accompany and in response to each recorded episode, plus curated playlists by Astrid Björklund.