Podcast Playlist – 10 A Distant Threshold

A Distant Threshold is the tenth and final chapter in our Xylophobia series of playlists; a response by artist Spencer Graham to Episode 24 of the Fermynwoods Podcast, The Ballad of the Fermyn.

This specific playlist was in part informed by the prevalence of very particular sound words within the episode script. As a result, sounds of nature and industry weave through Spencer’s mix in compositions that heavily incorporate field recordings but also in tracks that are field recordings in themselves. In other instances, words from the script such as “cold space” and “black dust” led to tracks titled the same. The title A Distant Threshold is taken from The Ballad of the Fermyn.


Sound Words from The Ballad of the Fermyn

Caw, chirp, chatter and cough. Cry, creak, crackle and echo.

Clink, clatter, mutter and splutter.

Ding, BANG, knock.

Hum. Rumble.

Shout, roar, gurgle and grunt.

Sniff, scrape, screech and scream.

Wail, wheeze, whine and whisper.


Sigh, silence.


Edmunds Eglītis – Cold Space
The Radiophonic Workshop – Burials in Several Earths
Abul Mogard – Black Dust
Delia Derbyshire – Land
Dawid Chrapla – Steelworks in the Wood
His Name is Alive – Witch Marks
Angelo Badalamenti – Night Life in Twin Peaks
Shriekback – Evaporation
Kristen Gallerneaux – Whistles (Reprise)
The New Obsolescents – Shhhh!
Victor C. Lewis – Wren
Hilary Woods – Where The Bough Has Broken
Lawrence English – The Only Way Out Is In
Lonnie Holley – Coming Back (From the Distance Between the Spaces of Time)
Demdike Stare – Rain & Shame
caitlin c. harvey – my whole body an ear (feat. P-Gruv)
Trevor Mathison – First Night
Liquid DnB – Like Ambient Grim2 – Grieving
Wolf Eyes – Days Decay
Einstürzende Neubauten – Die Genaue Zeit

The Fermynwoods Podcast is an experimental space for the display and creation of contemporary art which is fully accessible from people’s homes. Featuring artist talks, discussions and original commissioned sound art, to complement our public facing programme. The podcast also features specially commissioned videos by Sapphire Goss‘ to accompany and in response to each recorded episode, plus curated playlists by Astrid Björklund and guest artists.