April 25, 2016


Fermynwoods Contemporary Art is an educational charity that supports life through art by commissioning innovative and meaningful ways for artists to engage with audiences, in public spaces across Northamptonshire and online.

We are the only visual arts organisation in Northamptonshire with an expertise in delivering innovative mainstream/alternative education and professional development programmes.

As a peripatetic arts organisation working across this rural county, we work innovatively through:

• Locating artists in residence in new contexts, such as workplaces, woodlands, nature reserves, pubs, cafes and a football stadium

• Bringing artists into diverse communities, such as ramblers and wildlife groups, astronomical societies, local council employees and river bank communities

• Working with inter-disciplinary artists who use new and digital technology to explore and respond to our social and natural environments

• Initiating discussions between artists and professionals from other sectors outside the visual arts including, activism, business, computing, data analysis, ecology, health and law.

Press Mailing List

For press information please send your contact details to james@fermynwoods.org and we will be happy to add you to our Press Mailing List.

Download Current Press Releases:

Of Immeasurable Consequence, Pale Blue Dot Collective
Fermynwoods seek new home, People Make It Work

Download Previous Press Releases:

Ways of knowing, Yukio Fujimoto (Japan), Heywood & Condie (UK), Krzysztof Maniak (Poland), Poppy Nash (UK), Alyson Shotz (USA), Sarah Taylor Silverwood (UK), plus Professor Chill (UK), Atilio Doreste (Canary Islands), Daniel Garcia (UK), Yagi Lyota (Japan), Matti Palonen (Canada), Russick Smith (USA), Tosca Teran (Canada), and Zimoun (Switzerland)
Xylophobia: Online, Ama Dogbe & David John Scarborough, Spencer Graham, Zhengyang & Zhengzhou Huang, Felix Loftus, Greg Orrom Swan

Treewilder, Denise de Cordova, Delaine Le Bas, Kim L Pace, Jennet Thomas, Danny Treacy, Johannes Zits
Child’s Play, Aeneas Wilder
Silencer, Maja Zećo
The Chimera Plantarium, Chiara Dellerba

Where to Stand in the Wind, Marion Coutts, Simon Faithfull, Regan Gentry, Inger-Lise Hansen, Jess MacNeil, SUPERFLEX, Bill Viola
The Howse Shal Be Preserved, David Blyth, Justin Carter, Sarah Gillett, Onya McCasusland
Pleasure Garden, Dyveke Bredsdorff, Bethan Lloyd Worthington and Leyla Pillai
Triple Harvest – The Archives, Ikran Abdille, Martha Cattell, Amy Cutler, Kaitlin Ferguson, Marie Hamrock, Sapphire Goss, Amanda Loomes, Vaughan Pilikian

An Award Winning Year
Triple Harvest, Ikran Abdille, Martha Cattell, Amy Cutler, Marie Hamrock, Sapphire Goss, Amanda Loomes, Vaughan Pilikian
In Steps of Sundew, Ikran Abdille, Tom Baskeyfield, Sarah Gillett, Ellie Harrison, Liz Lake, Onya McCausland

The Forest Is The Museum, Abigail Lane & Lala Meredith-Vula
Nick Reeves Award 2019
Now We Rise and We Are Everywhere, Danielle Lemaire
The Algorithm in the Forest, Owl Project
Toggler, Luke Harby, Violet Forest, Sam Francis Read, Antonio Roberts and Tobias Zehntner

Blood From Stone, Justin Carter
The Arches & The Archive of the Trees, Edwina fitzPatrick

Can You Hear Me?, Anna Brownsted & Jessica Harby
The Twelfth Player, Seven Sisters Group
Black Swan, Kenny Hunter

Beyond Seven Mountains, Kenny Hunter, Robin Rimbaud, Holly Slingsby
I Bring My Body, Jason Singh
Too Long for iTunes, group online exhibition

The Listening Forest, Sophie Herxheimer

Dawn Chorus 365, Seven Art Writers
Make Believe, group exhibition

Gesture, group exhibition, performances and residencies
Traces, Nikki Pugh

Encounters, group exhibition
Interchange, David Litter, Jo Roberts & Simon Woolham

Audio Kinetic Solar Sculpture, Andrew Stonyer
Intervention Projected, Tim Simmons
Open Online One, group exhibition