Greg Orrom Swan

Art to me is something that is responding to worldly oscillation — articulating the in-between, the beneath, the husk, the smear. A practice of weaving storytelling and experience, pain and insight. In a way, its often to try and bring others along with your way of arranging what you choose to take care of.

Barbara Rawcliffe

Art for me is an emotional or physical response to the environment, it can sometimes be a form of protest at the relentless destruction of habitat and the natural world. I watch in despair at the loss of trees and land to the digger and the builder. I use art to bring together my thoughts[…]

Rhona Rowland

What does art mean to me? There are as many answers to this question as there are ways in which we individually experience art. My greatest joy is knowing that my personal, visceral reaction to a particular piece of art may be a reaction I share with someone else, who I don’t even know; Art[…]

SUBTERRA: Marie Chantal Hamrock & Astrid Bjorklund

Art is curious. Art is a tool. Art is a vast expanse. Art is a deep chasm of unearthed stories. Some true, some not. We must dig art up; we must reveal it to the world. Let it enchant the blurred lines of fact and fiction.

Lisa Smallwood

Art to me is about expression of that which is innate to each of us as individuals and to all of us as human beings. There is a very close connection between our innermost thoughts and the body in a moment of creative expression. That which we cannot find words for, or sometimes even know[…]

Sam Francis Read

Art grounds ideas that were previously beyond our reach. It initiates us into new and unique relationships with the world in front of us. All it asks is that we participate by looking and listening that bit closer. On the rare occasions that it is shared equally, it gives power back to people on the[…]

Emily Arnold

Art is simultaneously personal and universal. An expression of emotions, events, experiences, observances of life from the artist’s point of view, but can be translated in many different ways. There’s never a wrong answer in art, just different paths and responses. Sometimes it’s like marmite, you either love it or hate it while other times[…]

Wanja Kimani

Art is care. Art is freedom. It is embedded in the cracks of everyday life and enables us to find joy in the mundane. It equips us with a language when words are insufficient. It allows us to dream; to imagine; to become.

Barbara Dougan

Art is essential. It reveals humanity at it’s best; inventive, generous, insightful, creative, critical, playful, satirical, imaginative, empathetic…