Graham Keddie

I’m an art practitioner: for me, it’s like being an only child with a secret invisible friend. We watch people, events, and observe environments. We talk to each other, play games, go on adventures, exploring, inventing, making, editing, discovering and revealing. We’re watching you now.

Sally Sheinman

Art is part of my daily life. It is not always easy but it always gives me something to do and a connection to the world. I do not know what I would do without it, especially in difficult times it gives me a constant purpose.

Chiara Dellerba

Art to me is always a jump into the unknown. It is the inexplicable behind what moves me to create alternative narratives to the present. It is the obsessive attempt to collectively new scenarios, relationships and ways of being.

Maya Livio

The arts are fundamentally a form of biodiversity – one modality among nature’s creative expressions (though no more valuable or worthy of protection than those of other living beings). For me, the arts are also a route back to connectedness, a semaphore that says “there are more of us here”.

Angela Kingston

I have always been panicked by the thought that there are things happening around us that nobody notices. As a child I loved a quote from the Bible, displayed on the wall of my Sunday school: “God sees the sparrow fall.” Art for me bears witness to the things we might fail to register, at[…]

Aeneas Wilder

Going back in time to prehistoric times there were certain things that were important: Surviving. Feeding yourself. And there was also art. Prehistoric artists were trying to figure out the world that they lived in. Take a painting of a bison on a cave with some spears in it – they were hoping they could[…]

Maja Zećo

Art comes close to the intensity of life, experiences of a lifetime compressed in the juncture of the worlds. It emerges in a feverish dream you can’t escape from, on the edge of known. While it can be gentle and soothing, it can also emerge as a deafening noise threatening bodies and minds. It is[…]

Johannes Zits

Art is about changing the common perceptions of the world around us and foregrounding its wonder, mysteries and beauty. As an artist who works with his body, for me art is also about opening up, to be in the moment and really taking the time to see what is there. It can be a quick[…]

Danny Treacy

For me art is practice, and my practice is about listening. Listening to what I see, then responding.

Hanna Tuulikki

For me, art – or perhaps more accurately, the process of art-making – is a way to navigate the world, a way to animate relationships between bodies of knowledge and to communicate complex ideas and emotions that sit beyond or before language. Art is my first love!