April 25, 2016


All of our workshops are specifically designed for the groups involved, rather than delivering off the shelf workshops that have already been delivered elsewhere. This allows us to respond to school and curriculum needs through the work of an ever expanding network of artists. National and international artists, at the cutting edge of arts practice, who engage with us because of our reputation in contemporary art; we bring those artists to your young people so that they experience learning in a unique way.

We specialise in delivering Art + The Outdoors, as well as bringing together two distinct parts of the curriculum, Art + Technology. We also have a select pool of Associate Educators – experienced artists who more regularly deliver our education programme.

Our workshops can take place in school, on location, or at our idyllic Sudborough Green Lodge site consisting of a remote cottage in the middle of a wildflower meadow in Fermyn Woods.

We don’t charge per student, but instead have a fixed fee for a one off workshop, or for a series of workshops. This can be a more economical way of delivering workshops with having to dilute the quality. We risk assess our activity and have our own Safeguarding Policy, to stand alongside and support those school already have in place.

We were the first arts organisation in the East Midlands to become an Arts Award Supporter, which means we can help you deliver Arts Award and Arts Mark activity.

“Unlike so many arts workshops this was pitched at exactly the right level. A lovely day and fantastic value for money”
Great Addington Primary School

For more information on how we can work with your school please contact James Steventon via james@fermynwoods.org or call the office on +44 (0)1832 731257.

Please also see below for some inspiring examples of our past work with schools:

• Fermynwoods Space Programme

Students from the CE Academy worked with one of our Associate Educators, sculptor Clare Abbatt and near space photographer Chris Hillcox on an exciting end of term project that culminated in launching their sculptures 90,000ft to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere, literally expanding their horizons in a Northamptonshire first.

• Digital Sculpture Workshop

Students from Malcolm Arnold Academy visited us for a digital sculpture workshop with one of our Associate Educators, artist Sam Read. Students explored different ways of digitising their bodies and the landscape in three dimensions. This included methods such as photogrammetry (a process which creates surface points from stitching together photographs), or by using 3D scanners.

After capturing their poses, the 3D models were digitally manipulated before being combined in an amalgamated sculpture. Body parts were fused together with 3D scans of artefacts from the Collection, Lincoln. The digital sculpture was made physical by creating slices thin slices. Transposed to cardboard, parts were assembled, with students effectively becoming a collaborative 3D printer. Students also took digital files back to school, suitable for 3D printing and lazer cutting, to compare with their original cardboard creations.