April 25, 2016

Sponsorship Opportunities

Education Activity

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art is an Educational Charity and we have significant expertise in delivering innovative mainstream and alternative education programmes for diverse communities across Northamptonshire.

We are looking for businesses and other organisations to sponsor our education activity, which includes:

An annual programme of workshops throughout the academic year, for young people who have been excluded from mainstream schools across the county. Through this highly successful programme, established in 2009, many young people have gained Arts Award accreditation, as well as exhibiting their artwork at Alfred East Gallery, Kettering.

Ground-breaking use of new technology during workshops in mainstream schools, such as our Space Programme, through which young people design and build sculptures that are launched to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere, broadening young people’s horizons, developing team working skills and increasing their ambition.

Please follow this link to find more examples of our innovative education programme, or contact our Education Officer, James Steventon on 01832 731257 or by email for a discussion about the amazing effects of our particular approach to education.

Artistic Activity

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art is the only visual arts organisation in the county that commissions innovative and meaningful ways for artists to engage with audiences in public spaces across Northamptonshire and we are looking for businesses and other organisations to sponsor our artistic activity, which includes:

The Twelfth Player, a unique audio-visual performance at Sixfields Stadium (summer 2017) that blends site-specific performance and handheld video technology, devised by Seven Sisters Group. This is the first time the “beautiful game” will be seen through the eyes of three generations of Cobblers fans, during a behind the scenes tour of the football stadium.

From Scotland to Corby, via Football, Forests, and Food (summer 2017). Through this project, inhabitants of Corby will engage with artists from Scotland, exchanging ideas, histories and cultures, introducing young people with Scottish ancestry to modern Scottish culture.

The Forest is the Museum (from autumn 2017) is a 3-year programme at Fineshade Wood, exploring our changing relationship with the natural environment through a series of Artists in Residence. By taking part in lively discussions and creative activity, visitors will see their familiar forest from new perspectives.

The Free Exchange on Tour is an ongoing series of discussions between artists and professionals from other sectors including, activism, business, computing, data analysis, ecology, health and law, which aims to introduce the arts to new audiences by co-hosting these events with local special interest groups in community settings.

Contact our Director, James Steventon on 01832 731257 or by email for a discussion about our particular approach to commissioning artists in public spaces.