April 14, 2017


Between Dog and Wolf - Chrystel Lebas

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The title of this publication and the associated photographic series by Chrystel Lebas is the French expression for the Twilight Hour, ‘Entre chien et loup’, the moment when twilight embodies the transition from dog to wolf, when it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the howling sound coming from the two animals, when the domestic and familiar transform into the wild.

This publication brings together works made between 2003-2006; photographs taken in forests in France, Germany, Spain and Japan during the hour of twilight. The forest is a space of immensity which echoes our childhood memories, through fairy-tale or play. "Walking to the forest of my childhood in France, after many years. I remembered when we used to build a hut, and slowly the light would disappear, and darkness would surround us. The excitement of being inside this small shelter, protected by the large trees, overturned our fears, and instead we felt protected."

Paperback, 112 pages
ISBN-10: 0954647815

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