April 14, 2017


L'espace temps/ Time in Space - Chrystel Lebas

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L' espace temps' brings together 6 bodies of works that investigates related themes explored between 1996 and 2003.

These series of images by Chrystel Lebas are linked by her research on time and space. Different photographic apparatus are pushed to the limit of their possibilities to record the nocturnal landscape. There are often things, which we cannot perceive with the naked eye; the camera records the trace of time passing and the unseen.

"I began to work on the Azure series in 2001, these photographs were taken between night and day, from dusk till dawn, when the effectiveness of our senses undergoes change, and which leads to a shift from one state to another, from the visible to the invisible, from the palpable to the impalpable. The long exposure time taken with a panoramic camera illustrates the passage of time, moving from day to night to day again."

Limited production run of only 1,000 Copies
Winner British Book Design and Production award 2004
Exhibited at the Rencontres d' Arles Book award 2004

Chapter texts & Photographs by Chrystel Lebas
Introduction text by Jean-Claude Lemagny
Essay by Deborah Schultz
Published by Azure Publishing, 2003
Designed by Anne Martiréné, Paris
Printed by Special Blue, London
English & French text
Paperback, 98pages, 69 photographs
210 X 297mm
ISBN 10 0954647807

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