November 30, 2016


James Steventon

Jessica Harby
Assistant Director

Jenny Cooper
Education Coordinator

Stuart Moore
Education Coordinator


James Steventon is Director of Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, having previously been Education Officer for the organisation for many years. James is an artist, writer, and runner, based in Northamptonshire; Senior Lecturer (Foundation) at The School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University; External Examiner for Contemporary Art Practice, Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University; and Digital Special Interest Representative for Engage.

In 2021 James was nominated as a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts Manufactures and Commerce in recognition of his support of young contemporary artists through his work at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, his championship of innovative, emerging and impactful arts practice, and his participation in training and advocacy work through Engage.

Jessica Harby is Assistant Director for Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. Jessica is an artist who mixes the delicate, the brutal, the absurd and the serious. Her practice encompasses drawing, installation, video, sound and performance and explores malleable collective and individual identities using subjects such as modern attitudes towards immigration, the story of kidnapped heiress-turned-terrorist Patty Hearst, her family’s recipe for egg coffee, and Arnold Schwarzennegar’s gurning face. Jessica is co-creator of the zine Tappa Tappa Tappa and one of six artists selected by CVAN EM for their two-year project Document.

Jenny Cooper is Education Coordinator for Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. Jenny began her career as a freelance costume designer and with an emphasis on contemporary dance, circus and aerial hoop artist costumes, with a portfolio full of designs made to challenging technical specifications. Her creative flair led her into the world of corporate events and celebrity parties, building scenic installations and creating props for high profile clientele, lavish weddings and various festivals, including Glastonbury, Download, Bestival, Boomtown, and Hyde Park’s “Winter Wonderland”. More recently her handiness with tools and woodwork led her to design, build and install Escape Room puzzles and sets. Her passion for creating the unusual continues into her personal life as she lives in a quirky handcrafted “tiny home” and has also created a unique off grid solar powered workshop.

Stuart Moore is Education Coordinator for Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, having taught in secondary and post sixteen phases. Stuart is a sound artist / microtonal composer that works closely with technology. His work explores the relationship between experience of the involuntary soundscape and purposeful human composition, by way of studying the roots of the perception of music. Stuart’s work is driven by his belief that sound is the most direct expression of human feeling. He has developed a number of unique microphones and digital processes and finds it hard to even spell the word ‘tidy’.