November 30, 2016


James Steventon

Emma Davies
Education Curator

Sam Gibson
Education Coordinator

Jessica Harby
Assistant Director

Stuart Moore
Education Coordinator


James Steventon is Director of Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, having previously been Education Officer for the organisation for many years. James is an artist, writer, and runner, based in Northamptonshire; Senior Lecturer (Foundation) at The School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University; External Examiner for Contemporary Art Practice, Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University; and Digital Special Interest Representative for Engage.

Emma Davies is Education Curator for Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. Emma is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, nominated for her work with young people on our Alternative Education Programme. Emma’s approach to artistic education is underpinned by her understanding of social pedagogic principles, working in arts education with young people for nearly 25 years. Her multi-disciplinary art practice spans participatory projects, performance, installation, drawing, mixed media construction and objects. Much of her work contains autobiographical elements, while also reflecting on contemporary societal issues. She has been a featured artist with CVAN EM, artist in Residence for C2C, working with women who are in vulnerable situations, and holds a studio at NN Contemporary Art.

Sam Gibson is Education Coordinator for Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. An embroiderer for 45 years, her work is typographical, mixing painting and stitch to recreate snapshots of conversation or thoughts. Sam likes nothing more than turning a three-second joke into an arduous sewing task that takes months. Sam also works with miniatures, photography and is interested in creating relics, myths and fake histories. An ongoing project involves collaborating with every person she meets. Sam has held a studio above a reinstated Victorian brewery in Northampton for five years as part of the Albus 3 Arts organisation.

Jessica Harby is Assistant Director for Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. Jessica is an artist who mixes the delicate, the brutal, the absurd and the serious. Her practice encompasses drawing, installation, video, sound and performance and explores malleable collective and individual identities using subjects such as modern attitudes towards immigration, the story of kidnapped heiress-turned-terrorist Patty Hearst, her family’s recipe for egg coffee, and Arnold Schwarzennegar’s gurning face. Jessica is co-creator of the zine Tappa Tappa Tappa and one of six artists selected by CVAN EM for their two-year project Document.

Stuart Moore is Education Coordinator for Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, having taught in secondary and post sixteen phases. Stuart is a sound artist / microtonal composer that works closely with technology. His work explores the relationship between experience of the involuntary soundscape and purposeful human composition, by way of studying the roots of the perception of music. Stuart’s work is driven by his belief that sound is the most direct expression of human feeling. He has developed a number of unique microphones and digital processes and finds it hard to even spell the word ‘tidy’.