The Phone Box Gallery

The Phone Box Gallery, Sudborough

The Phone Box Gallery is a new project from Fermynwoods Contemporary Art in partnership with Sudborough Parish Council and students from The CE Academy, transforming the decommissioned telephone box in the village of Sudborough into an evolving exhibition space.

This gallery will show exhibitions curated and featuring work by students working on our artist led Alternative Provision programme based at nearby Sudborough Green Lodge.

The Phone Box Gallery is made possible through a grant from The Wooden Spoon Fund.


This first exhibition features work made by students aged between 11 and 15, created during the first nationwide lockdown earlier in 2020, working with artists Emma Davies and Stuart Moore through a bespoke online interface.

Working with Stuart, students created kaleidoscopic digital mandalas and symmetrical patterns through manipulating a combination of mouse movements, colour choices and varying line thicknesses. Other digital tools traced out student screen grabs and uploads, overlaying key features with multiplying colourful lines.

Students worked with Emma through a process of manipulating photographs online to create ambiguous and emotive new images by combining figurative and landscape images of their time at Fermyn Woods earlier in the year. Using online editing tools students blended photographs by manipulating colours, transparencies and lighting effects to create new images that were unexpected and dreamlike, giving new meanings and interpretations to previously familiar scenes and memories.

These workshops were made possible through a Sector Support Grant from The Mighty Creatives.