Tim Simmons – Delta Motorsport

Tim Simmons, our first Art Work Placement artist, is working with Simon Dowson at Delta Motorsport. As a high performance engineering company, and producer of advanced electric vehicles based at Silverstone Circuit, Delta Motorsport is concerned with energy efficiency and electrification and how that story is told.

Tim is researching high performance technology to explore the way we might use art and imagery to reflect on the technology behind energy transfer. Speed can be presented through the distortion of a tyre, the black line of a slide, or the sparks of the car hitting the floor. But how do we show potential energy or electrically generated energy through an image? How do we show silence? How do we show innovation? These are questions that Tim will be addressing during his residency at Delta Motorsport over the next few months.

Art Work Placement is an innovative collaboration between art and businesses across Northamptonshire. As part of our mission to “infiltrate the everyday”, we are bringing together five professional artists and five businesses to enable individual staff to develop creative solutions to business challenges and identify new ways of thinking about their company processes, systems and culture.

The idea stems from Hamish Fulton’s statement that “an object cannot compete with an experience”. We want to work with businesses to commission their own Artist in Residence, which will be followed by a series of bespoke training sessions, exploring how creativity can be used to address business issues such as HR, growth and productivity.

Delivered in partnership with Consultants Morag Ballantyne and Kirstin Irving, we aim to:

  • Present innovative exhibitions across the County, for audiences who would not otherwise visit a gallery.
  • Work with businesses to develop creativity and critical thinking.
  • Engage with members of Northamptonshire’s business community, to build strong, long term relationships for mutual benefit.
  • Support businesses to explore solutions to intractable problems, by working with artists to “see the familiar differently”.

The majority of the costs for this programme are being funded by Arts Council England, including all of the Artists’ and Change Consultant’s Fees. Businesses will be invited to contribute towards the exhibition presentation costs on their premises.

If you are interested in taking part in this unique programme – the first of its kind for Northamptonshire – please contact:

Morag Ballantyne
Art & Business Consultant
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
07802 624025

Tim Simmons Delta Motorsport
Image: 0.01 Seconds – Forks, WA, Tim Simmons