Triple Harvest – Ikran Abdille

Triple Harvest - Ikran Abdille

Triple Harvest is a collection of new online video work by Ikran Abdille, Martha Cattell, Amy Cutler, Marie-Chantal Hamrock, Sapphire Goss, Amanda Loomes and Vaughan Pilikian.

As part of our In Steps of Sundew programme, exploring the push and pull between nature and human presence and the effect that extracting resources from the landscape has upon those living within it, the artists were invited to remix four Corby heritage films to create new narratives through the extraction of archival film material.

Ikran Abdille‘s film, titled Triple Harvest, combines found footage of pre-war Somalia with extracts from Peter Paul’s original 1960s documentary film Double Harvest, connecting her current home in Northamptonshire to the place her family fled due to violence.

Ikran Abdille - Triple Harvest still 1

Combining footage from these two seemingly disparate locations, Ikran finds similarity transitions; whether it is steel girders from iron ore, a thriving industry from a rural landscape, or a country liberated from colonialism. The effect is celebratory, reworked and brightly saturated scenes of festivity and leisure marking the positives coming from periods of change. Ikran contrasts these joyful, active scenes with shots and sounds of nature, reinforcing the passage of time and differentiating from hard steel.

Ikran Abdille - Triple Harvest still 2

Together with abrupt cuts, Ikran affords the viewer “time to breathe” and to contemplate the different stages of change as a story unfolds. “The past is done and a new phase begins. Now we start over.”

All seven of the Triple Harvest commissions can be viewed here, with a focus on each film published weekly.