Triple Harvest – The Archives

Triple Harvest – The Archives is an exhibition of commissioned video work and objects from artists alongside items from Corby Borough Council’s heritage collection.

Triple Harvest Archives

The Arches
Top Lodge
Fineshade Wood
Near Corby
NN17 3BB

17 May – 12 September 2021
10am – 4pm daily

Ikran Abdille
Martha Cattell
Amy Cutler
Sapphire Goss
Marie-Chantal Hamrock
Amanda Loomes
Vaughan Pilikian

Plus Kaitlin Ferguson in collaboration with students from The CE Academy and Youthworks Northamptonshire

Archives are considered pristine, unchangeable. In Triple Harvest – The Archives, artists challenge how true our remembrances of the past really are as the mythic and historic share space, both bolstering and undermining one another.

Artists were invited to create new narratives through the extraction of material from four Corby heritage films, including: Peter Paul’s 1960’s documentary film Double Harvest, which told the story of the Steelworks’ impact on Corby, where the land was harvested for iron ore, returning to farmland for future crop yields; PLUTO: Corby’s role in making the Pipeline Under The Ocean, which supplied the Allied Armies during the D-day landings and subsequent invasion of occupied Europe; The Great Jib: A story of the ingenuity and skill of the workforce at Corby Steelworks during the making of what was the biggest walking dragline excavator between 1947-1951; and Iron Ore in Britain: The mining and extraction of iron ore and its use in steel making.

Neverending Jigsaw (still), Sapphire Goss, 2020
Neverending Jigsaw (still), Sapphire Goss, 2020

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Watch the featured films online here and listen to the accompanying podcasts for this exhibition:

If you wish to read the Risk Assessment for the space before visiting, you can do so here.