Virginie Litzler – Cosworth

Our third Art Work Placement sees Virginie Litzler at Cosworth.

Cosworth was founded in 1958 with headquarters in Northampton, UK. The iconic and globally-recognised brand and employs staff across Europe and the USA, employing its motorsport-inspired engineering and manufacturing capabilities to improve vehicle and driver performance. The group supplies electronics and powertrain products and engineering services to high performance vehicle manufacturers, motorsport teams and performance enthusiasts around the world.

Virginie’s photographic work reflects on the gestural dialogues between people, space and movement; how we belong to, and move through spaces. Virginie is working with Cosworth at both their Northampton and Cambridge locations.

Nick Greenway, Director of Marketing for Cosworth, added:

“As a business we know that in order to succeed we need imagination, innovation and creativity, but we also need to retain the very best talent, that’s a source of business advantage – and, of course, we want our staff to be happy and motivated. I’m excited at seeing how having Virginie working with us challenges us to capture what we’re about and to see it more clearly”.

On an early research day to Cosworth, Virginie was treated to an access all areas tour of the facility, meeting the incredibly passionate and talented staff. One issue for staff which immediately came to light is how unsung their work can be in this industry. Much of the work remains secretive to retain a competitive advantage. Other products which reach the public domain may stay under the radar due to the niche field they are operating in.

One member of staff recounted a chance encounter in the USA, where he suspected a particular car bore a Cosworth engine. Explaining to the owner that the engineers often etch the name of the person who assembled the engine somewhere on it’s body, the owner opened the bonnet to find the name of the engineer standing next to him.

We share Cosworth’s excitement in seeing how Virginie’s Art Work Placement develops.