April 4, 2023


Ama Dogbe and David John Scarborough’s explorative and experimental non-linear video game Underlands is a digital simulation of the dark woods above and below, and the deep atavistic dreams and fears that emerge.

In creating virtual spaces Ama and David create the possibility to examine the things we are afraid of at a safe distance, noting that living in times such as these requires us to imagine possible futures even as loss and grief present us with changes we are yet to fully respond to.

Participants are invited to connect and embrace with fear and grief whilst remaining in the refuge of the virtual world as a site for contemplation.

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Ama Dogbe is a British-Ghanaian artist whose work engages with a range of personal and societal themes through digital mediums including experimental film, animation and video games. Her recent work used interactive virtual world building as a tool to explore modern challenges and dilemmas. As a 2022 Virtual Bodies Resident Artist for BOM, Ama explored ideas of societal pressure and assimilation in diasporic communities.

David John Scarborough is a British-Australian artist, curator and Co-Founder of Modern Painters, New Decorators (MPND). David creates projects to think through his relationships with materials, place and heritage. He makes exhibitions, publications, videos and music. Previous work has included an interest in the fantasy notion of imagined universes and hopeful worlds as sustenance during Covid-19 restrictions.

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