We are delighted to announce Xylophobia – our new 2 year programme of artistic interventions, exhibitions, experiences and artist led workshops between 2022 and 2024, which will address issues of place and belonging which go to the heart of community feelings of exclusion from woodland spaces and the art world.

Xylophobia takes its name from the fear of wooden objects, forests, or wooded areas which is sometimes connected to other phobias. This programme will also address the increased need and desire for outdoor activities in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and connect people with each other, with nature and with their creative potential to respond to our changing world.

Funded by Arts Council England, activity will take place within and around one of Europe’s largest urban woodlands in Corby, at Barnwell Country Park, Brixworth Country Park and online; featuring artist led workshops for young people outside mainstream education in partnership with The CE Academy and Hospital Outreach Education, with mainstream schools, and for members of the public.

Arts Council England commented:

“The project is ambitious, strongly focused on environmental responsibility, with activity that stretches the practice of participating artists as well as the organisation. Offering meaningful engagement for clearly identified communities and a range of cultural and creative workshops tailored to be accessible, the project has considerable strengths in relation to planning, partners, and an experienced management team for this artist led activity.”

Ideas in this programme have arisen through early suggestions and conversations with Yasmin Canvin, Jessica Harby, Angela Kingston and many of the participating artists and partners.

Activity launches in May 2022, with more information coming soon.

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